24.11.2019, 7pm: Vienna, Ehrbar-Saal (A)

Mozart: Ouverture to Don Giovanni / Beethoven: Concert Aria „Ah, perfido!“ op. 65 (Soprano: Ilia Marinescu) / Haydn: Symphony No. 101 „The Clock“

Chamber Orchestra Concerto Sacro

(For tickets click here


30.11.2018, 3pm and 5pm: Nürnberg, Kongreßhalle (D): 

Näther: “Max und Moritz“ (Narrator: Bernd Regenauer)

Nürnberger Symphoniker

(For tickets click here)


World Premiere of a Climate Operetta (Director: Maike Schuster): Hamburg, Theater in der Marzipanfabrik (D)

13.12.2019, 7pm

14.12.2019, 7pm

15.12.2019, 4pm


04.01.2020: Vienna, Casino Baumgarten (A)

CD recordings with Guitar Duo CARisMA und Caroline McPhie (Sopran)

Chamber orchestra Concerto Sacro


24.02.2020, 3pm: Marktoberdorf, Music Academy (D)

"The Unity of the Many" - festive concert celebrating anniversary of the European Union

Bavarian Amateur Orchestra


21.03.2020, 2pm: Vienna, Peterskirche (A): - CANCELED BECAUSE OF THE CORONA CRISIS

Albrechtsberger: Requiem c minor (World Premiere in the 20th/21st century) / Vivaldi: Spring (Violin: Daniel Froschauer)

Chamber Orchestra Concerto Sacro, Canto Arrianis



21.03.2020, 7.45pm: Vienna, Church Mariahilf (A):

Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 4 D Major K. 218 (Violin: Cornelia Neumann)

Albrechtsberger: Hungarian Coronation Mass & Te Deum in C Major

Chamber Orchestra Concerto Sacro, Canto Arrianis

(For tickets click here)


The concert takes place, but we will have some restrictions in order to be able to play the concert:

- we will play in solistic setting and with reduced audience capacity

- only every 2nd seat will be sold in order to keep our audience healthy



26.06.2020, 11am: Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (D):

Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante op. 125 (Violoncello: Andrei Ionita) / Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 in f minor

Symphoniker Hamburg





Concert tour with Euregio Youth Symphony Orchestra

Weber: Ouverture to Oberon / Mendelssohn Concert pieces op. 113 & 114 / Schumann: Symphony No. 1 

31.7.2019, 8 pm: Burghausen (D)

1.8.2019, 8 pm: Stadtsaal Neuötting (D)

2.8.2019, 8 pm: Stadtsaal Mühldorf a. Inn (D)

3.8.2019, 7.30 pm: Stiftskirche Ranshofen bei Braunau (A)

4.8.2019, 11 am: Sparkassensaal Ried i. Innkreis (A)

4.8.2019, 7 pm: Wallfahrtskirche Gartlberg/Pfarrkirchen (D) 


21.7.2019, 6 pm: Hamburg (D)

Beethoven: Ouverture Leonore No. 3, Symphony No. 7 A-Major / Mozart: Oboe Concerto C-Major (Oboe: Mariano Esteban Barco)

Hamburger Symphoniker  


15.6.2019, 10.30 am: Piaristenkirche Wien (A)

Albrechtsberger: Coronation Mass / Alleluja B flat Major

Canto Arrianis, Concerto Sacro


10.6.2019, 4 pm: Music Academy Alteglofsheim (D)

Glinka: Ouverture of Ruslan und Ludmilla / Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4

German State Amateur Orchestra 


April - May 2019: State Opera Hamburg (D): The night of the sea urchins (world premiere - Composers: M. Tangian, D. Syrse, H. Cheng)

Performances on 4./5./7. May 2019


3.5.2019, 6 pm: Stockholm, Berwaldhallen (SWE)

Mozart: Symphony No. 40, 1st movement / Beethoven: Ouverture Leonore No. 3

Sibelius: Return of Lemminkäinen / Debussy: La Mer, 2nd movement

Brett Dean: Shadow Music, Prelude / Britta Byström: Avskedsvariationer

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor: Ingmar Beck


22.3.2019, 7 pm: Cluj, The Academic College (RO)

Metea: Inviere / Beethoven: Piano concerto No. 4 (soloist: Daniel Petrica Ciobanu) / Brahms: Symphony No. 1

Filarmonica Transilvania Cluj. Conductor: Ingmar Beck


16.3.2019, 10.30 am: Paris, Philharmonie, Grande salle Pierre Boulez (F)

Season Reveal 2019/20  -  Beethoven: Ouverture Leonore No. 3

Orchestre de Paris. Conductor: Ingmar Beck


13./14.3.2019, 8.30 pm: Paris, Philharmonie, Grande salle Pierre Boulez (F)

Mendelssohn: Piano concerto No. 1 op. 25 / Brahms: Symphony No. 1

Orchestre de Paris. Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt (as Assistant Conductor)


10.3.2019, 3 pm: Stiftskirche Klosterneuburg (A)

Albrechtsberger: Te Deum D Major & Harp Concerto / Mozart: Te Deum

Canto Arrianis, Concerto Sacro.



January - February 2019: Assistant Conductor for Bernard Labadie at Canadian Opera Company (COC) Toronto (Mozart Così fan tutte)


Christmas concerts with Asam Classical Soloists: Il concerto natale

Excerpts from Händel's Messiah, Vivaldi Winter, Vivaldi Arias, Corelli Concerto fatto per la Notte di Natale

Alexandra Urquiola, mezzosoprano / Verena-Maria Fitz, solo violin


21.12.2018, 8pm: Baldham (D), Evang.-Luth. Petrikirche (tickets available regionally)

22.12.2018, 7.30pm: München (D), Max-Joseph-Saal der Residenz



December 2018: Assistant Conductor at Orchestre de Paris (Conductor: Daniel Harding) - Concert tour to Japan (Soloist: Isabelle Faust)


11.12.2018, 7 pm: Sapporo Concert Hall

13.12.2018, 7 pm: Tottori Concert Hall

14.12.2018, 7 pm: Kyoto Concert Hall

16.12.2018, 3 pm: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

17.12.2018, 7 pm: Tokyo Suntory Hall

18.12.2018, 7 pm: Tokyo Suntory Hall

19.12.2018, 7 pm: Osaka Symphony Hall



2.12.2018, 3 pm & 5 pm: Nürnberg (D), Kongreßhalle: "Max und Moritz" - Family Concerts with Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra


November 2018: Assistant Conductor at Opéra de Lyon (J. Strauss: Nacht in Venedig) - Concert tour to Oman (Conductor: Daniele Rustioni)


24.10.2018, 7 pm: Frankfurt (D), Oper: Preview - excerpts from the opera "Die Nacht der Seeigel" (premiere on May 2, 2019, State Opera Hamburg)


21.10.2018, 3 pm: Klosterneuburg (A), Stiftskirche: J. G. Albrechtsberger - Requiem. Canto Arrianis, Concerto Sacro


7.10.2018, 7 pm: Fürstenfeld, Churfürstensaal (D): J. A. Hasse - "Antonio e Cleopatra". Lydia Teuscher, soprano / Yulia Sokolik, alto. Asam Classical Soloists


19. - 23.8.2018, 8.15 pm: Wien, Konzerthaus (A): Residence Orchestra Wien


Concert tour with Euregio Youth Symphony Orchestra (Mozart: Ouverture of Schauspieldirektor, Horn Concerto No. 2 KV 417 / Beethoven: "Ah perfido" op. 65 / Haydn: Symphony No. 101 "The Clock")


2.8.2018, 8 pm: Stadtsaal Neuötting (D)

3.8.2018, 8 pm: Stadtsaal Mühldorf a. Inn (D)

4.8.2018, 7.30 pm: Stiftskirche Ranshofen bei Braunau (A)

5.8.2018, 11 am: Sparkassensaal Ried i. Innkreis (A)

5.8.2018, 8 pm: Wallfahrtskirche Gartlberg/Pfarrkirchen (D)



22.7.2018, 6 pm: Hamburg (D): "Wien, ganz klassisch" - Symphoniker Hamburg, Pablo Barragán (Clarinet)(Eberl: Symphony C major/ Mozart: Clarinet Concerto / Haydn: Symphony No. 104)


Juni - Juli 2018: Assistant Conductor at Bregenzer Festspiele / Wiener Symphoniker (Goldschmidt: "Beatrice di Cenci") - premiere on 18.7.2018 - Conductor: Johannes Debus


1.7.2018, 6 pm: Klosterneuburg (A): Holy Mass with 21th century premiere of the Coronation Mass by Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. Canto Arrianis, Concerto Sacro


27. & 29.3.2018, 20.15 Uhr: Vienna, Konzerthaus (A): Residence Orchestra Vienna


Anniversary Festival - 160 years City-Choir Klosterneuburg


16.3.2018, 19.30 Uhr: Klosterneuburg, Stiftskirche (A): German & Austrian Opera and Operetta Choruses


18.3.2018, 15 Uhr: Klosterneuburg, Stiftskirche (A): Johannes Brahms - Ein deutsches Requiem



8.-12.3.2018: Lodz, Music Academy (PL): Master class for singers: Otto Nicolai - "Lustige Weiber von Windsor"


December 2017 - January 2018: Assistant Conductor at Opéra de Lyon (Zemlinsky: Der Kreidekreis) - premiere on 20.1.2018, 8 pm (Conductor: Lothar Koenigs)


28.11.2017, 10 pm: Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie (D): Detlev Glanert - Requiem for Hieronymus Bosch (German premiere). Hamburger Symphoniker, Conductor Markus Stenz (as musical assistant)


25.11.2017, 3 & 5 pm: Nürnberg (D), Kongreßhalle: "Max und Moritz" - Family concerts with Nürnberger Symphoniker


21.10.2017, 8 pm: München, Himmelfahrtskirche (D): Anniversary Concert - 10 years Asam Classical Soloists


1.10.2017, 3 pm: Final concert Workshop Celloensemble Marktoberdorf (D)


June - August 2017: Assistant Conductor at the Aspen Music Festival (USA):


20.7.2017, 5 pm: Aspen, Harris Concert Hall (USA): Family Concert (Bernard Rogers: Musicians of Bremen)


26.7.2017, 6 pm: Aspen, Benedict Music Tent (USA): Concert with Aspen Philharmonic Orchestra (Mozart Piano Concerto No. 25 K. 503, Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade)


17.8.2017, 5 pm: Aspen, Harris Concert Hall (USA): Family Concert with Aspen Conducting Academy Orchestra (Benjamin Wallfisch: Dirty Beasts)



11.6.2017, 3 pm: Stiftskirche Klosterneuburg (A): Summer concert of City-Choir Klosterneuburg - Famous German opera and operetta choruses (Mozart, Beethoven, J. Strauss, Wagner) 


17.5.2017, 6 pm: Kongreßhalle Nuremberg (D): "Klasse Impuls" with Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra (Dvorak: 9th symphony)


2.4.2017, 11 am: Final concert and 25 years anniversary concert of Workshop Celloensemble Marktoberdorf (D)


December 2016 - January 2017: Assistant Conductor at the Canadian Opera Company (COC) Toronto (Mozart Zauberflöte) - premiere on 19.1.2017, 19.30 Uhr (Conductor: Bernard Labadie)


October - December 2016: Assistant Conductor at the Opéra de Lyon (Johann Strauss: Eine Nacht in Venedig) - premiere on 14.12.2016, 20 Uhr (Chief Conductor: Daniele Rustioni) 


19.11.2016, 15 & 17 Uhr: Kongreßhalle Nuremberg (D): Concerts with Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra



24.06.-21.08.2016: Conducting Fellow at the Aspen Music Festival (USA)


20.8.2016, 19 Uhr: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen (USA): Berlioz: "Beatrice et Benedict"


18.8.2016, 19 Uhr: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen (USA): Berlioz: "Beatrice et Benedict"


16.8.2016, 19 Uhr: Wheeler Opera House, Aspen (USA): Berlioz: "Beatrice et Benedict"



16.8.2016, 16 Uhr: Benedict Music Tent, Aspen (USA): Concert Academy of Conducting Aspen, Stravinsky Violin Concerto


13.8.2016, 9 Uhr: Harris Concert Hall, Aspen (USA): Composer Showcase


19.7.2016, 16 Uhr: Benedict Music Tent, Aspen (USA): Concert Academy of Conducting Aspen, Debussy La Mer


12.7.2016, 16 Uhr: Benedict Music Tent, Aspen (USA): Concert Academy of Conducting Aspen, Lindberg Arena


5.7.2016, 16 Uhr: Benedict Music Tent, Aspen (USA): Concert Academy of Conducting Aspen, Brahms 1st symphony



23.6.2016, 19.30 Uhr: Golden Hall, Musikverein, Vienna (A): Diploma Concert with ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, Wagner Siegfried's Rhine Journey and Ride of the Valkyries


15.-19.6.2016: Critical Orchestra Berlin (D)


20.5.2016: Kammerspiele Meiningen (D): Concert Hofkapelle Meiningen


May 2016: Vienna, Klosterneuburg (A): Mozart Sparrows' Mass with City Choir Klosterneuburg & Concerto sacro


22.-24.4.2016: Celloensemble Workshop Marktoberdorf (D)


17.4.2016: Fürstenfeld (D): Concert Asam Classical Soloists, Forum Ancient Music Fürstenfeld


16.3.-19.3.2016: Lucerne (CH): Master Class with Bernard Haitink and Lucerne Festival Orchestra


9.1.2016: Musikalische Komödie Leipzig (D): Gala Concert with the Orchestra of Musikalische Komödie Leipzig


December 2015: Karlskirche Vienna, Stift Klosterneuburg (A): Christmas Concerts with City Choir Stadtchor Klosterneuburg & Concerto Sacro


28.11.2015: Nuremberg (D): Concerts with Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra